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These links provide complete directories of all federal and state elected officials, election contests and candidates.

All the information we present is candidate authored or copied from the candidate’s website.

We invite and provided every candidate with the means to securely provide his or her picture, biographical information, and to express his or her opinions and views on issues of their choosing. Vote-USA has tried to be as inclusive and non-partisan as possible regarding the issues to which candidates could respond. There are about 50 different issues and about 20 topics for each issue. This provides each candidate with approximately 1,000 different opportunities to express his or her opinions and views. Candidates select issues for which they want to provide a response.

For candidates who do not respond to our invitation to provide information about themselves, we copy pictures and information from candidates’ websites into this website.

Links and pages are only provided where we have candidate information or responses. This is a report of the issues and issue questions we make available to all candidates.

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