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We welcome the opportunity to partner with any organizations that can help fulfill our goal of providing voters with as much useful information as possible. Some possibilities are:

Non-Partisan Politically Engaged Organizations
We welcome the opportunity to cooperate with and support non-partisan organizations that provide valuable electoral and political information. We help to increase public awareness of these organizations by providing links to their websites. We can also provide them with tools to communicate their special information, like voting records and political contributions, to the public.

Currently we are partnering with the following non-partisan, organizations.

No Labels supports reforms, leaders and legislation that will help fix America’s broken government and break the stranglehold that the extremes currently have on our political process. The Recovering Politician is a post-partisan forum featuring officials who’ve left the area and lived to write about it.

We have applied to a number of foundations whose initiatives seem to fit with our objectives. Although to date we have not received any such funding assistance, we would be grateful for the opportunity to work with foundations whose mission it is to strengthen our representative democracy.

Media and News Outlets
We have given newspapers and other media permission to use our pictures and candidate information in their coverage of elections.

Political Parties
We have provided a number of state political parties with the ability to provide information and pictures of their candidates.

Politically Engaged Organizations
We can provide politically engaged organizations with pre-checked sample ballots that highlight endorsed candidates. These customized ballot pages can then be integrated into that organization’s website.

Support from For-Profit Businesses
For-profit businesses can support us by donating goods and services. These contributions are considered “in-kind” donations and are tax deductible. We would be grateful for other in-kind donations including data entry, hosting, technical consulting, and assistance with social networking and search engine issues.

These are the businesses that have been a great help and support to us to date:

Business OnLine has provided Vote-USA with substantial expertise involving many technical aspects of our platform.

infiniden has provided Vote-USA with web design.

Vote USA is a recipient of a Google AdWord Grant award.

Aristotle has provided Vote-USA with legislative district data needed in the construction of our customized voter ballots.

Please contact us with any ideas regarding how we could help your organization, or how your organization might help us:


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