Issues and Issue Questions Available for Candidate Responses

These are the issues and questions we make available to the candidates to inform voters of their positions and views. All responses are provided by the candidate or are taken from the candidate's website, public statements or legitimate news articles.

Questions Available to All Candidates
General (political statement of goals, objectives, views, philosophies)Personal (gender, age, marital status, spouse's name and age, children's name and ages, home town, current residence)Profession (professional and work experience outside politics)Civic (past and present organizations, charities involvement)Political (dates and titles of previously held political offices)Religion (current and past religious affiliations, beliefs)Accomplishments (significant accomplishments, awards, achievements)Education (times and places of schools, colleges, major, degrees, activities, sports)Military (branch, years of service, active duty experience, highest rank, medals, honors, type and date of discharge)
Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public OfficeGoals If ElectedAchievements If ElectedAreas to Concentrate OnOn Entering Public ServiceOpinions of Other Candidates
Opinions of Other Candidates
Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton
Questions Available Only to U.S. President, U.S. House and U.S. Senate Candidates
Immigration, a General StatementImmigration ReformDream ActBorder SecuritySocial Services to Undocumented ImmigrantsE-Verify SystemUndocumented Immigrants Impact on US EconomyFederal Enforcement of Immigration LawsState Enforcement of Federal Immigration LawsLocal Enforcement of Immigration LawsState and Local Immigration LawsHigh-Skilled Worker ImmigrationGuest Worker ProgramSecuring Our BordersVisa EnforcementCitizenship through Military ServiceArizona's Strict New Immigration LawEnglish-Only LawsReview of the 14th AmendmentDeportationCitizenship for Illegal ImmigrantsSelf-DeportationReal ID ActDatabase Of ForeignersAmericanizationImmigration Application FeesUsing National Guard Troops to Secure Mexican BorderDriver's Licenses to IllegalsEmployers Who Hire IllegalsOrganization of American States (OAS) DiplomacyIllegal Immigration as a FelonyAmnesty for Illegal ImmigrantsCriminalize Assistance to Illegal ImmigrantsH-1B ProgramImmigrant TroopsUndocumented ImmigrantsElectronic Verification System for EmployersLegal Status for Undocumented Farm WorkersImmigrant Birthright CitizenshipEnglish as the Official National LanguageNaturalization Backlog for ImmigrantsLegal Residency for Immigrant YouthAlien MinorsPermanent Partners Immigration ActMinutemen Project
National Security & Terrorism
Homeland Security, a General StatementNSA Surveillance of CitizensRadical IslamUSA Patriot ActAl-QaedaMaking Our Homeland More SecureNational Security Agency (NSA) Examinining Domestic Phone RecordsRecommendations of the 9/11 CommissionRadical FundamentalismWeapons of Mass DestructionBioterrorismDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS)National Guard in the Department of Homeland Security vs. DefenseIntelligenceDomestic Intelligence AgenciesColor-Coded Warning SystemLocal First RespondersAir SecurityPort SecurityRail SecurityHazardous Materials SecurityCybersecuritySpent Nuclear FuelDrinking Water SecurityEvacuation PreparednessWar on Terror, a General StatementWar on Terrorism PoliciesNational Intelligence Estimate AssessmentGuantanamo Bay Prison (GITMO)Terrorist Prisoner Rights Under Geneva ConventionsTorture of TerroristsWaterboardingTrials of Terrorist and Combantant DetaineesHabeas Corpus and Legal Rights for Combatant DetaineesEnemy Combatants
Gay & Lesbian
Gay Rights, a General StatementGay MarriageBusiness Owners Refusing to Serve Gay WeddingsThe Military Don't Ask/Don't Tell PolicyProhibiting Same Sex Marriage Recognition between States (Defense of Marriage Act)Sexual Orientation DiscriminationHomosexuality as a Choice or GeneticsHomosexuality as being Immoral or a SinExposing Children to Gay CouplesMarriage Left Solely to the StatesSexual Orientation in Anti-Discrimination LawsFederal Constitutional Anti-Gay Marriage AmendmentEmployment Non-Discrimination ActEqual Tax Treatment of Same Sex CouplesDomestic PartnershipsDomestic Partner Health Benefits ActCivil UnionsComparison of Gay Gights Movement with Civil Rights MovementLegislation for Hate CrimesGays Serving in the MilitaryGays Adopting Children
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy, a General StatementOverseas InterventionsRussia, Ukraine and Eastern EuropeMost Important Foreign Policy IssuesChina, a General StatementChina as a ThreatChina's Human RightsCuba, a General StatementEmbargo of CubaForeign AidAsiaNorth KoreaIndiaLatin America (South & Central)MexicoAfricaSudan & DarfurNuclear Weapons & Non-Proliferation TreatyPromotion of Democracy Around WorldAmerica's Image AbroadCIAUnited Nations (UN)International Criminal Court (ICC)North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)Nuclear Treaty with IndiaUS TreatiesWorldwide HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and MalariaNuclear Proliferation & Nuclear TerrorismHugo Chavez and Fidel CastroThird World Debt ReliefEuropeBalkansBurmaG8 (Group of Eight Countries)Dubai Ports Administration PurchaseUnilateralism
Jobs, a General StatementPaid Sick, Family and Maternity LeaveWorking ClassForeign Job OutsourcingAffirmative ActionWorkplace Violence Against WomenIndependent WorkersEqual Pay ActFamily and Medical Leave ActUnemployment InsuranceWorkplace ProtectionsMine Safety and HealthJob GrowthGovernment Subsidized JobsReward companies that create domestic jobsChild LaborQuality of JobsOccupational Safety and Health (OSHA)Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)Unemployment Insurance (UI)Workers BenefitsOvertime RightsEmployment DiscriminationRetirees Returning To Work
Economy, a General StatementWealth InequalityDecline of Middle ClassJob CreationStimulating the EconomyRecessionAmerica's InfrastructureFederal ReserveFederal Reserve's Interest Rate PolicyAging of Population
Taxes, a General StatementTax CodeTax ReformIncome Tax RatesTaxing the the Wealthiest 1%Corporate Income TaxesTaxes on Interest, Dividends, and Capital GainsEstate Taxes (Death / Birth Tax)Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)Extending the Bush Tax CutsValue-Added TaxTax ProposalsTaxes PolicyNational Sales TaxFlat TaxEarned Income Tax Credit (EITC)Marriage PenaltyIncome Tax on SeniorsTax Rates on Private Equity Funds2001 Tax CutsTax Credits for CollegeTax Credits for Health CareChild Tax CreditTax-Free Savings AccountsBusiness Tax CreditsR&D Tax CreditCorporate Tax LoopholesOffshore Tax HavensOil Company Tax BreaksProperty TaxesInternal Revenu Service (IRS)
Education, a General StatementNo Child Left Behind Act, a General StatementSex Education and Birth Control OptionsEvolution and Intelligent Design EducationGay and Lesbian Orientation EducationReligion in Public SchoolsPre-SchoolPublic Schools K-12"Under God" in the Pledge of AllegianceLocal Control Over EducationTeacher Textbook SelectionPrivate School VouchersCharter SchoolsStandardized TestingTeacher TenureImproving EducationHigher EducationStudent Loans, Scholarships and Pell GrantsEducation Tax CreditsTeacher UnionsDepartment of EducationHead StartHigh SchoolsAdult EducationDropoutsCommunity CollegesClassroom SizeExtended Learning TimeAfter-School ProgramsParental InvolvementComputers in SchoolsFederal MandatesFederal Funding of Private SchoolsNo Child Left Behind Act Federal Funding LevelTeacher PayTeacher StandardsStudent StandardsNational Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)Education Global SuperiorityJunk Food Vending Machines in Public SchoolsEducation Gap with Other CountriesSchool ChoiceHome SchoolingSpecial EducationMagnet SchoolsRural SchoolsSummer SchoolBoy-Girl Achievement GapBlack-White Achievement GapTitle IX 'Equal Opportunities for Girls'Bilingual EducationMath and ScienceArt and MusicSchool SafetyDrugs in Schools
Elections & Politics
Elections, a General StatementCampaign Contribution Limits (Citizens United)Koch BrothersCampaign Spending LimitsVoter Photo ID and Other RequirementsTea Party MovementElection ReformCampaign Finance ReformPolitical Expenditures Disclosure527 'Stealth' PACsBundling Campaign ContributionsPublic Funding of Political CampaignsSmall DonorsSoft-money Political ContributionsLobbyist Campaign ContributionsReform of Redistricting (Gerrymandering)Voting and Election ReformVoting Machines and Paper BallotsElection-day RegistrationVoting Right of Felons & Ex-PrisonersEqual Ballot Box AccessHelp America Vote Act of 2002DC Voting Representation in Congress
Environment, a General StatementGlobal Warming, Climate ChangeKeystone XL PipelineANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) Oil DrillingEnvironmental RegulationClean Air Act & Clear Skies InitiativeClean Air TechnologiesCarbon TaxGreenhouse Gas Emission LimitsDeveloping World Greenhouse EmissionsDeveloping World and Climate ChangeEnvironment Technology for Developing WorldTropical DeforestationCap-and-Trade System to Reduce Carbon EmissionsFree Market IncentivesPower Plant EmissionsHigher Gasoline TaxKyoto ProtocolU.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)Clean Water Act and Water QualityClean Drinking WaterToxic WastePolluter-Pays Superfund FeesEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA)Interior DepartmentNational ParksNational Forests and Healthy Forests InitiativeNational Forest Roadless Area Conservation ActLand, Rivers and LakesFactory FarmsOceansTropical RainforestsWetlandsInvasive SpeciesEndangered SpeciesCruelty to AnimalsRecycling and Trash
Military & Defense
Military, a General StatementDefense, a General StatementDefense SpendingGitmoMissile Defense SystemDefense and Military BudgetMilitary PolicyDepartment of Defense and PentagonMilitary AdequacyMilitary Industrial EstablishmentCluster BombsReducing Military CostsRe-instituting the DraftMilitary Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC Commission)Reservists and National GuardMilitary FamiliesMilitary Pay, Medical Care and BenefitsNational Guard / Reserve Pay, Medical Care and BenefitsGays in the MilitaryAnti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) TreatyNuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)
Middle East
Middle East Policy, a General StatementIsraelISISSyriaArab SpringEgypt, Libya, and TunisiaPalestinian StatehoodIsraeli and Palestinian ConflictRecognition of a Palestinian StatePalestinian West Bank and GazaPalestinian Death TollWar in LebanonHizbullah and HamasSaudi ArabiaTurkey
Afghanistan, Pakistan & Iraq
Afghanistan, a General StatementPakistan, a General StatementIraq, a General StatementTimetable for WithdrawalUS Military Presence in AfghanistanPresident Hamid KarzaiPredator Drone StrikesTaliban & Radical Islamic JihadistsIraq PolicyIraq WarIraq ReconstructionIraq Political ProgressPrivate Security like BlackwaterCutting Off War FundingFederalizing Iraq into Kurd, Shiite and Sunni StatesSunnis and ShiitesHumanitarian Situation in IraqLength of DeploymentsContinued US Military Presence in IraqDeadline for US PulloutTroop SurgeIraq's Role in War on TerrorLoss of American Lives in IraqStaying in Iraq for "as long as it takes to do the job"Iraq Role in Making Americans Safer
Iran, a General StatementIran Nuclear DealMilitary StrikeSanctionsIranian OppositionIran DiplomacyPresident AhmadinejadIran's involvement in IraqEconomic Sanctions Against Iran
Guns, a General StatementRight to Own Guns - Second AmendmentGun Control LegislationRight to Carry a Concealed HandgunRenewal of Ban on Assault Weapons PurchasesHigh Capacity Magazines, Gun Locks and AmmunitionNational Rifle Association (NRA)DC Gun BanGun ShowsState Gun LegislationGun Manufacturer Law Suits
Trade, a General StatementPresidential Trade Fast-track AuthorityNorth America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)Trade Policy PrioritiesGlobalizationFree Market VisionTrade with ChinaFree Trade Agreements (FTA)Global Workers' RightsGlobal Environmental StandardsChina Currency ManipulationBarriers to American Goods in Other CountriesIncentives to Move OffshoreProtective TariffsTrade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)Unfair Trade PracticesTrade DeficitFast Track AuthorityWorld Trade Organization / General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (WTO/GATT)Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)North American UnionOther Trade Agreements
Internet, Media & Communications
Internet, a General StatementInternet NeutralityInternet Freedom Preservation ActTaxes on Internet PurchasesHigh Speed Broadband DeploymentBroadband Access for Rural and Disadvantaged CommunitiesSpammingInternet CrimeInternet PornographyInternet Sexual Assault of ChildrenParental BlockingInternet Privacy ProtectionsDigital Rights ManagementInternet GamblingChinese Censorship of InternetRich Poor 'Internet Divide'E-Science ResearchMedia, a General StatementFederal Communications Commission (FCC)Concentrated of Media OwnershipWireless SpectrumAdult-Oriented Commercial Advertising
Federal Budget & Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Policy, a General StatementReducing the DeficitDebt LimitGovernment Shut DownFederal Budget & DebtDeficit SpendingEntitlementsGold StandardEarmarksGovernment EfficiencyBalanced Budget & Constitutional AmendmentPresidential Line-item Veto PowerSpending LimitsPay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) Rule for Tax Cuts or New Spending
Medical Insurance
Health Insurance, a General StatementAffordable Care Act (Obamacare)Medicare VouchersUniversal Medical Care / InsuranceMedicareFixing MedicareMedically Uninsured or UnderinsuredPre-Existing Health ConditionsFixing Medical InsuranceMedical Malpractice Lawsuit LimitationsEmployers' Medical InsuranceEmployers vs Employees As Chief Health Care BuyerCoverage of ChildrenState Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)Free Market Health CareHealth Insurance Purchase ChoicesPortable Medical InsuranceState PlansHealth Savings Accounts (HSAs)Market-Based Medical InsuranceMedical Insurance Block GrantsMedicaidTRICARE Health InsuranceMedical Insurance DiscriminationMisuse of Health RecordsMedicare Reimbursement FormulasUniform Billing and ClaimsPaperless ClaimsFederal Employee Health Benefit Plan (FEHBP) Buy-InFederal Reinsurance Medical PoolChronic & Catastrophic IllnessesHealth Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)Medical Malpractice ReformBusiness Tax Credits for Employee Health CoverageTax Credit / Deductible for Medical Insurance
Abortion, Stem Cell & Cloning
Legality of Abortion - Roe v. WadePro-Life and Pro-ChoiceAbortion, a General StatementStem Cell Research, a General StatementParental NotificationLife Beginning at ConceptionCriminalizing Out-of-State AbortionsAbortion ProtestersRight to Life Constitutional AmendmentAccess to ContraceptionThe Morning After Pill (Plan B)Partial-birth AbortionsFederal Funding for AbortionUnborn Victims of Violence ActChild Custody Protection ActAbortion for Rape and IncestStem-cell Research for Medical AdvancementsUsing Embryos in Stem Cell ResearchFederal Funding for Stem Cell ResearchCloning, a General StatementAnimal CloningHuman Cloning
Crime, a General StatementHuman TraffickingPolice & FBI AgentsReducing CrimeRehabilitationRecidivismNeighborhood CrimeYouth and Gang CrimeIdentity TheftHate CrimeSex-related CrimesCrimes Against ChildrenViolence Against WomenChild Abuse And NeglectCorporate CrimeVictimless CrimesNon-Violent CrimeDomestic ViolenceRapeCorporate Fraud
Courts, Laws & Justice
Courts, a General StatementSupreme CourtSupreme Court’s Citizens United CaseConstitutionAmerica's Criminal Justice System, a General StatementRacial ProfilingDeath PenaltyJustice DepartmentCriminals Serving Their Full TermsThree Strikes Criminal Sentencing StandardVideotaping Criminal InterrogationsMandatory Minimum SentencingCrack-Powder Sentencing DisparityJudicial Discretion and Alternative SentencingVoting Rights for X-FelonsProperty Rights and Eminent DomainPrivacy RightsObscenity LawsActivist Judges Legislating from the BenchJudicial AppointmentsConservative / Liberal Balance on Supreme CourtFederal Judges Confirmation ProceduresLegal Reform, a General StatementTort Reform and Frivolous SuitsAlternative Dispute ResolutionProduct Liability ReformCaps on Punitive DamagesClass Action ReformBankruptcy ReformBankruptcy Means-Testing & Restrictions
Government, a General StatementSpecial InterestsRegulationsGovernment ReformGovernment AccountabilitySenate Filibuster RuleGovernment AgenciesBureaucracy & RegulationsState Block GrantsStates' RightsLobbying ReformReporting of Lobbyist ContactsGovernment EthicsGovernment Officials Becoming LobbyistsExecutive Branch Employees Accepting Corporate GiftsEarmarksPrivatizationSunset ClausesFreedom of Information ActCitizen ParticipationAvailability of Government InformationLive Broadcasts of Agency DeliberationsSingle 6 Year Term for US PresidentTerm Limits for Supreme Court & Federal JusticesTerm Limits for US Representatives and SenatorsFEMA and Hurricane KatrinaNew OrleansU.S. Postal Service
Health & Medical
Health & Medical Care, a General StatementImproving Health & Medical CareReducing Health Care CostsRationing Health CareDisease PreventionRural Health CareHealth Information Interchange NetworkQuality and Cost ReportingBiomedical SuperiorityPatient's Bill of RightsMedical ErrorsImmunizations and VaccinationsHealth Opportunity AccountsAlternative MedicineNational Institutes of Health (NIH)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Medical ResearchPhysiciansNursesPublic Health WorkersAssociation Health Plans (AHP)Children's HealthWomen's HealthElderly's HealthHealth DisparitiesExposure to Toxic ChemicalsHIV/AIDSCancerLead PoisoningMercury PollutionObesityDiabetesMental HealthBird Flu (Avian Influenza)Drug AddictionMad CowWest Nile VirusAutismAsthmaAlzheimer's DiseaseSubstance AbuseResistance to Antibiotics
Business, a General StatementBusiness Tax IncentivesSmall BusinessAuto IndustryDodd-Frank ActSarbanes-Oxley ActRelationship of Big Business and GovernmentExecutive CompensationConsumer PiracyMinority-Owned BusinessesStart-Up IncubatorsWall Street and InvestmentsForeign Ownership of American BusinessesDecline in ManufacturingBanking PracticesAntitrust EnforcementIntellectual Property ProtectionPatent SystemReporting and Recordkeeping Requirements
Energy, Gas, Oil & Autos
Energy, a General StatementEnergy Independence from Foreign OilOil DrillingGas PricesOil and Gas SubsidiesOil Company ProfitsCanadian Oil (Keystone) PipelineNuclear PowerRenewable Energy, Solar, Biomass and WindFuel Efficiency & Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) StandardsCoalShale Gas DevelopmentRegulation of Energy CompaniesGulf Oil SpillOffshore Oil Drilling Safety StandardsEnergy Efficiency and StandardsGreen Homes and ImprovementsEnergy Research and DevelopmentRenewable Fuels, Biofuels and EthanolSolar Energy Investment Tax Credit BillHydrogen Cell Fuel InitiativeUtility DeregulationNatural GasElectricity Transmission GridEnergy BillDepartment of EnergyDomestic Energy ProductionLow Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)Production Tax CreditStrategic Energy FundEnergy Efficient Government BuildingsGas & Oil, a General StatementDeveloping World Oil DemandWellhead TaxLow Carbon FuelsAuto IndustryHybrid & All Electric CarsFlexible Fuel Vehicles
Labor Wages & Unions
Labor, a General StatementWages, a General StatementUnions, a General StatementEmployee Free Choice ActRight-to-Work LawsNational Labor Relations Board (NLRB)Worker RetrainingImmigration of Highly Skilled WorkersMinimum WageWage DiscriminationTime-and-a-Half for OvertimeDavis Bacon ActPolitical Activities of Public Union MembersWage Gap between Rich and PoorCEO PayWage Gap between Men and WomenOrganized Labor's Place in AmericaPermanent Replacement of StrikersDeclining Percent of Unionized Workers
Values, Religion & Family
Family, a General StatementFamily ValuesSchool & Public PrayerAmerican ValuesSexual Misconduct of PoliticiansReligion, a General StatementValues, a General StatementEuthanasia and Assisted SuicideNational Endowment for the Arts (NEA)Family Planning Funding (Title X)Mosque Near Ground ZeroPope's Prosecution ImmunityReligion & State - First AmendmentReligion in GovernmentReligious ToleranceA Candidate's Religious BeliefsAtheists and AgnosticsMormon Religion and PolygamyOrdination of Gay ClergyOrdination of Women ClergyEvolution vs. Intelligent DesignFaith-Based Volunteer EffortsChild CareFoster CareAdoptionFatherhoodChild Custody and SupportChild Support Enforcement BudgetTeen PregnancyLow-Income First-Time MothersPrejudiceIndecency in the MediaMedia Violence and SexPornography and Adult Oriented MediaDesecration of Flag Constitutional AmendmentFoley Page ScandalTerri SchiavoBoy Scouts and Girl Scouts
Transportation, a General StatementAmtrakFederal Infrastructure & Transportation FundingHighwaysTraffic CongestionTelecommutingHighway SafetyDrunk DrivingRailAirPublic TransportationBikes and PedestriansSeaports
Veterans, a General StatementVeterans' Health and Medical CareGI Bill & Veterans' BenefitsRetired Veterans Benefits and Health CareSurvivor BenefitsDisabled Veterans Health CareHomeless VeteransVetreran Job RetrainingDepartment of Veterans Affairs (VA)Veterans FundingDisability ClaimsPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Brain Injuries (TBI)Persian Gulf War IllnessesAgent Orange Related IllnessWalter Reed Army Medical Center ScandalPOWs and MIAsVeterans Administration (VA)Theft of Military Identity Data from VAVeterans' Recognition
Civil Rights
Civil Rights, a General StatementUSA Patriot ActWomen's IssuesHate CrimesHuman RightsEqual Rights AmendmentPersons with DisabilitiesProperty Rights vs. Civil RightsPrivacyNational Security Agency (NSA) Electronic Surveillance of US CitizensPrivacy and Civil Liberties Oversight BoardAnti-semitism
African, Latino & Native Americans
Latino Americans, a General StatementAfrican Americans, a General StatementRacismRacial ProfilingNational Campaign for ToleranceAfrican American ReparationsNative Americans, a General StatementNative Americans in American SocietyNative American RightsCasinos on Native American ReservationsUS Treaties with Native Americans
Housing, a General StatementSubprime Mortgage CrisisDeclining Home PricesForeclosuresMortgage LendingFederal Mortgage RegulationMortgage CreditPredatory LendingFreeze Adjustable-rate Mortgage Interest RatesMortgage Bankers Lending StandardsFederal Housing Administration (FHA)Neighborhoods, a General StatementCommunity DevelopmentCommunity Development Block Grant ProgramHomeownershipAffordable HousingLow Income HousingHomelessnessVeteran Homeownership
Prescription Drugs
Prescription Drugs, a General StatementMedicare Prescription Drug PlansMedicare Part D Prescription Drug Program for SeniorsSafety of Prescription DrugsImporting Prescription Drugs from CanadaSafety of Imported DrugsIncreasing Prescription Drug CompetitionNegotiating Pharmaceutical PricesBringing Generic Drugs on the Market SoonerMedicare Beneficiaries without Prescription-drug CoveragePrescription Drug MarketingRegulating Drug Advertising, Like Cigarettes and Alcohol
Social Security & Pensions
Social Security, a General StatementWelfareLong Term Viability of Social SecurityPrivatizing Social SecuritySocial Security Trust FundRaising the Retirement Age or Reducing Payment LevelsMeans Testing for Social Security PaymentsTax on Social Security BenefitsPensions, a General StatementPension ReformPension Benefit Guaranty CorporationCorporate Defined Benefit Pension DefaultsKey Employee Retention PlansIndividual Retirement Accounts401(k) PlansSavers' CreditOther Retirement Improvements
Consumers, a General StatementCredit CardsConsumer Fraud and ProtectionTelemarketingCredit Card Bill of RightsCredit Card Company PracticesCredit AgenciesTruth In LendingInsurance IndustryFinancial Consumer ProtectionPayday LoansImported Products' SafetyConsumer Product SafetyConsumer Products Safety Commission
Illegal Drugs & Marijuana
Illegal Drugs, a General StatementMedical Use of MarijuanaLegalization of MarijuanaWar on DrugsPunishments for Drug CrimesDrug CzarMarijuana, a General StatementDrug PreventionDrug RehabilitationInterstate Drug TraffickingDoping in SportsMetamphetamines
Poverty & Welfare
Poverty, a General StatementUrban PovertyUrban RecoveryRural PovertyRural RecoveryHungerPoor ChildrenHousing AssistanceKatrina VictimsWelfare, a General StatementFaith-based Initiative FundingImproving the Welfare System
Public Service
Public Service, a General StatementMandate Public ServiceEnlarged National Service ProgramAmeriCorpsPeace Corps
Science, Technology & Space
Science, a General StatementScience and Technology Research and DevelopmentNanotechnologiesBiotechnologyTechnology, a General StatementNational Science Foundation (NSF) FundingWomen and Minority Research GrantsSpace, a General StatementNational Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)Transfer Space Travel to Private CompaniesSpace StationAerospace Industry
Food & Agriculture
Food, a General StatementAgriculture, a General StatementAgriculture ReformsGenetically Engineered FoodFood and Drug Administration (FDA)Protecting Food SafetyCountry of Origin LabelingDepartment of AgricultureFamily FarmFarm BillFarm SubsidiesFarmer Owned Biofuel RefineriesFarm Service Agency (FSA) ClosingsFarm Crop SupportsFarm Corporation SubsidiesOther Farm Assistance
Alcohol, Cigarettes & Gambling
Alcohol, a General StatementLower Drinking Age from 21Requiring States Set the Legal Drinking Age to 21 to Receive Federal FundsSelling Alcohol To MinorsDrunk Driving And Breath TestsUnderage DrinkingCigarettes, a General StatementSmoking and Tobacco BuyoutGambling, a General Statement
Financial Crisis
Financial Crisis, a General StatementBailout of Banks and Financial CorporationsBail Outs of General Motors and ChryslerFannie Mae and Freddie Mac$700 Billion Troubled Asset Relief BailoutConsumer Financial Protection BureauFinancial Industry RegulationProsecution of Financial FraudBanksInvestment BankingHigh-Frequency TradingHedge Funds & Private Equity FirmsFinancial MeltdownAmerica's Brand of Capitalism
Questions Available Only to Washington Statewide, House and Senate Candidates
Homeland Security
Washington Security from Terror Attack, a General StatementMaking Washington More SecureWashington National Guard in the Department of Homeland Security vs. DefenseWashington Local First Responders Federal FundingWashington Airport SecurityWashington Rail SecurityWashington Border SecurityWashington Port Security
Washington Economy, a General StatementStimulating Washington's Economy
Washington Trade with Other Countries, a General StatementBarriers to Washington Goods in Other CountriesProtective Tariffs for Washington Goods
Washington Business, a General StatementWashington's Small BusinessesWashington Business Tax IncentivesWashington Real EstateWashington Credit And Banking
Washington Taxes, a General StatementWashington Sales TaxWashington Property Taxes
Washington's Environment, a General StatementGlobal Warming, Climate ChangeKyoto ProtocolWashington State ParksWashington Greenhouse-gas Emission LimitsWashington Clean Air and WaterWashington's Land, Rivers and LakesWashington Recycling and TrashWashington's Toxic WasteWashington's Invasive SpeciesWashington's Endangered Species
Washington Energy, a General StatementWashington Energy Efficiency StandardsRenewable EnergyAlternate Energy Development
Gas & Oil
Oil and Gasoline, a General StatementWashington Fuel Economy StandardsOil Company ProfitsEthanolHybrid and All Electric Cars
Washington Transportation, a General StatementWashington Highway CongestionWashington Driver's LicensesWashington Motor Vehicles And InspectionsWashington Roads and HighwaysWashington Highway SafetyHigh-occupancy LanesDriver Safety MeasuresWashington Drunk DrivingWashington Rail TransportationAmtrakWashington Air TravelOff-road VehiclesWashington Bikes and Pedestrians
Washington Immigration, a General StatementWashington Social Services to Illegal ImmigrantsUsing Washington National Guard Troops to Secure Mexican BorderBeefing Up the Washington Border PatrolFederal Enforcement of Immigration LawsIllegal Immigration as a FelonyAmnesty for Illegal Immigrants in USLocal Enforcement of Immigration LawsCriminalize Assistance to Illegal ImmigrantsGuest Worker ProgramUndocumented Immigrants in USElectronic Verification System for EmployersLegal Status for Undocumented Farm WorkersLegal Status for Children of Undocumented Immigrants Born in USLegal Residency for Immigrant Youth
Washington Education, a General StatementImproving Washington EducationWashington Higher EducationFederal Funding of Washington Private SchoolsWashington Standardized TestingNo Child Left Behind Act, a General StatementNo Child Left Behind Act Washington Federal Funding LevelWashington Standards for TeachersJunk Food Vending Machines in Washington Public SchoolsPrivate School VouchersCharter SchoolsTeacher Tenure in Washington Public SchoolsWashington Special EducationTeaching Evolution and Intelligent DesignTeaching of Sex Education and Birth Control OptionsTeacher Selection of TextbooksReligion in Public SchoolsUnder God in the Pledge of Allegiance"Washington Student Loans, and ScholarshipsWashington Tax Credits for Tuition CostsLocal Control Over EducationAchievement Gap between Boys and GirlsTitle IX 'Equal Opportunities for Girls'Home SchoolingSchool SafetyWashington's Average Classroom SizeComputers in Washington Schools
Washington Health, a General StatementImproving Washington Health CareReducing Health Care CostsWashington Children's Health CareWashington ObesityWashington Drug AddictionWashington SmokingWashington Mental Health CareWashington Nursing Homes, Hospices and Assisted Living
Washington Medicine, a General StatementImproving Washington Medical FacilitiesAttracting Doctors and Medical Care ProvidersWashington Medical Malpractice Lawsuit LimitationsWashington Medical Malpractice Damage Caps
Medical Insurance
Health Insurance, a General StatementHealth Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)Washington Medically Uninsured or UnderinsuredWashington Business Tax Credits for Employee Health CoverageState Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
Washington Consumers, a General StatementWashington Consumer Fraud and ProtectionWashington Telemarketing
Prescription Drugs
Washington Prescription Drugs, a General StatementNew Federal Medicare Drug BenefitImporting Prescription DrugsWashington Negotiating Pharmaceutical PricesWashington Regulating Drug Advertising, Like Cigarettes and Alcohol
Washington State Pensions, a General StatementWashington Pension Reform
Washington Welfare, a General StatementImproving Washington Welfare System
Washington Housing, a General StatementWashington Rental Housing SupportWashington Housing AffordabilityWashington Building Codes
Illegal Drugs
Washington Illegal Drugs, a General StatementMetamphetamines in Washington
Marijuana, a General StatementWashington Medical Use of MarijuanaWashington Legalization of Marijuana
Alcohol, a General StatementSelling Alcohol To Minors in WashingtonWashington Drunk Driving, Breath Tests and Alcohol-Related CrimesWashington Liquor LicensesWashington Underage Drinking
Cigarettes, a General StatementWashington Restrictions on Smoking
Washington Crime, a General StatementReducing Crime in WashingtonWashington Hate CrimeWashington Sex-related CrimesWashington Crimes Against ChildrenWashington Child Abuse And NeglectWashington Domestic ViolenceWashington RapeWashington Youth and Gang Crime
Washington Courts, a General StatementWashington Judicial Discretion in SentencingWashington Activist Judges Legislating from the BenchCourt CostsWashington Public Defender Services
Washington Criminal Justice System, a General StatementWashington PrisonsWashington Minority IncarcerationWashington Voting Rights for X-FelonsWashington Privacy RightsWashington Death Penalty
Washington Guns, a General StatementWashington Ban on Assault Weapons PurchasesWashington Gun Control LegislationCitizens Bearing ArmsWashington Guns for Hunting and SportWashington Gun PermitsCarrying Concealed Pistol
Civil Rights
Washington Civil Rights and Liberties, a General StatementAnti-SemitismWomen's IssuesWashington Persons with DisabilitiesWashington Property Rights vs. Civil RightsWashington PrivacyNational Security Agency (NSA) Electronic Surveillance of US CitizensNational Security Agency (NSA) Collection of US Phone Records
Gay Rights, a General StatementHomosexuality as a Choice or GeneticsWashington Gay MarriageWashington State Constitutional Anti-Gay Marriage AmendmentWashington Equal Legal Rights for Domestic PartnershipsWashington Civil UnionsWashington Legislation for Hate CrimesGays Serving in the Military
Afro Americans
Afro-Americans, a General StatementRacismRacial Profiling
Latino Americans, a General Statement
Native Americans
Native Americans, a General StatementTaxes on Native AmericansNative American Children
Washington Abortion, a General StatementRight to Life, a General StatementWashington Criminalizing Crossing State Lines for AbortionsWashington Parental NotificationPro-Life and Pro-ChoiceRoe v. WadeThe Morning After Pill (Plan B)Partial-birth AbortionsWashington Abortion for Rape and IncestWashington Adoption
Stem Cell
Washington Stem Cell Research, a General StatementWashington Stem-cell Research for Medical AdvancementsWashington Using Embryos in Stem Cell Research
Cloning, a General StatementAnimal CloningHuman Cloning
Values, a General StatementWashington Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Family, a General StatementFamily ValuesIndecency in the MediaMarriageWashington Gay MarriageMedia Violence and SexPornographyWashington Child CareWashington Foster CareWashington Adoption AssistanceWashington Child Custody and SupportBoy Scouts and Girl Scouts
Religion, a General StatementReligious Expression in Washington Public SchoolsSeparation of Church and StateEvolution vs. Intelligent DesignFaith-based Initiative FundingOrdination of Gay ClergyOrdination of Women Clergy
Patriotism, a General StatementDesecration of Flag Constitutional AmendmentDisplay and Burning of Flag
Gambling, a General StatementWashington Lottery
Washington State Government and Agencies, a General StatementWashington Seizing Property by Eminent DomainWashington Government Reform, a General StatementWashington Lobbying ReformWashington Influence of Special InterestsWashington Campaign Spending LimitsWashington Campaign Contribution LimitsWashington Public Funding of Political CampaignsWashington Soft-money Political ContributionsWashington Reform of Redistricting (Gerrymandering)Washington Voting and Election ReformWashington Regulatory Relief and Reform
Fiscal Policy
Washington Fiscal Policy, a General StatementWashington BudgetWashington Balanced BudgetWashington State Spending
Legal Reform
Washington Legal Reform, a General StatementWashington Product Liability ReformWashington Class Action ReformWashington Bankruptcy ReformWashington Medical Malpractice Reform
Washington Jobs, a General StatementWashington Job GrowthWashington Quality of JobsAffirmative ActionWashington Mine Safety and HealthForeign OutsourcingWashington Child LaborWashington Occupational Safety and HealthWashington Unemployment InsuranceWashington Workers BenefitsWashington Employment DiscriminationEmployer-Employee Relations
Organized Labor
Washington Unions, a General StatementOrganized Labor in WashingtonDeclining Percent of Unionized WorkersCollective Bargaining
Washington Wages, a General StatementWashington Minimum WageWashington Wage Gap between Rich and PoorWashington Wage Gap between Men and Women
Military, a General StatementWashington Military Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC Commission)Washington Reservists and National GuardWashington Military FamiliesGays in the Military
Veterans, a General StatementVeterans' Beneifts
Washington Science, a General StatementWashington Science Research and Development
Washington Technology, a General StatementWashington Technology Research and DevelopmentWashington Technology RegulationSafety of Technological ProductsWashington Telecommunications
Internet, a General StatementInternet GamblingInternet NeutralitySpammingWashington Taxing Internet PurchasesInternet PornographyDigital Rights Management
Washington Agriculture, a General StatementWashington Farm SubsidiesFarm Crop SupportsFarm Corporation Subsidies
Food, a General StatementGenetically Engineered Food
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